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Everything was OK, did not until the engine/rotor behind the edge of the door. It was 2 months ago and I couldn't enjoy once more, because the Parrot, I jump and sending e-mail after e-mail, claim that never arrive. I have complaint without success on its web site and complaint. I criticized the if still possible in social media. I can only say buyer beware is a short Moon of honey. Also hope that a hundred by one investment produces reliable and after-sales. Video high definition let me see everything I wanted to identify with very precise control. Now it does me houses as in the market as an intermediary. You must be OK with me to wear. It may seem strange that I have write a review each of them, because it certainly is an engineering marvel and a testament to the engineers of the Parrot. What questions focus is on the contrary who have created a work so that all functions (lid, easy and similar command) is written as clear and easy to use that most surprised by the fact that this miracle of modern technology and uses a whole group or in the air of the self-portraits. ? SIP. Well, I love the impressive control and ease of use thanks to the application, the thing, especially with my friends about is great are the self-portraits with him. Who would have thought. Our innovative products provide your family with years of enjoyment. With the Brookstone protection more service replacement of plans and you ' peace knowing that when something unexpected occurs, simply will repair or replace the covered product keyword elite 2.0 discount added. Our coverage beyond the manufacturer's warranty ', saves time and money. This product requires additional information before it can be added to your shopping cart: * required has not received information about the fields. Please fill in the fields or correct the markup below the red. .